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Pew Card: Revised Order of the Mass
Handy and durable 6" x 9" laminated card listing the new prayer and response
translations. Tuck them in the missal or simply place them in the
pew for a handy, easy-to-use reference guide during Mass.
Packages of 50 regular print for $16.95 retail - your price $15.26.
Packages of 50 large print are $17.95 retail - your price $16.16
 Item # Description Price Qty
 #X1168    50 Pew Cards: Revised Order of the Mass $15.26
 #X1215    50 Large Print Pew Cards, 6" x 9" Card $16.16

Mother Teresa's Lessons of
Love and Secrets of Sanctity

Author is Susan Conroy
A moving first-hand account of Mother Teresa
and her work, written by someone who worked by her side.
As an idealistic young volunteer, author Susan Conroy spent a summer
serving in one of Mother Teresa's orphanages and in the Home for the Dying.
"In a city where I found hell on earth," she says, "I also found each day a deep sense of
peace and incredible happiness." It was an experience that changed
her life forever. She learned why Mother Teresa had found real joy
in working with the poorest of the poor. Along the way, she took
striking photographs that have never been seen before now -
photographs that show Mother Teresa at her everyday best. This is an
account you won't soon forget, told with simple and loving
directness by an eyewitness. 224 pages. Copyright 2003.
McKay's highly recommends this book - very inspiring!
                                 A treasure to own!

 Item # Description Price Qty
 978-1-93170-976-7 Mother Teresa's Lessons of Love and Secrets of Sanctity $13.95

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Author is Glen M. Spencer, Jr. Grieving doesn't come naturally.
Examine the spiritual, psychological, social and physical
aspects of healthy grief. 176 pgs.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 9780879739461 Blessed Are Those Who Mourn $10.95

My First Picture Bible
Stories, Catholic Edition.

Author is Kenneth N. Taylor. An exciting collection of beloved
stories from Scripture retold in a style that will capture a
child's imagination and heart. 256 pgs.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 9780879731083 First Picture Bible-Hardcover $12.95
 9780879731090 First Picture Bible-with handle $16.95

The Eager Reader
Bible Story Book, Catholic Edition

For beginner readers-ages 4-6, their own Bible story book
with over 100 action-packed stories of faith from
both Old and New Testaments. 432 pgs.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 9780879732523 Eager Reader Bible Story Book $18.95

Padre Pio, Revised and Expanded

Author is C. Bernard Ruffin. This modern stigmatist
was beatified May 2, 1999 by Pope
John Paul II. 444 pgs.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 9780879736736 Padre Pio Book $15.95

Therese of Lisieux

Author is Patricia O'Connor. Life story of the "Little Flower"
reverently recounted. She has let fall a shower of blessings
on the world since her death at age 24. 173 pgs.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 9780879736071 Therese of Lisieux Book $7.95

The Catholic Source Book

Author is Rev. Peter Klein. Newly revised 4th edition!
Very comprehensive collection of information gathered to help
people of faith learn, renew, teach, and live the risen life of
Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. 508 pgs.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 978-0-15-901883-5 The Catholic Source Book $26.00


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