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Choose a finely detailed hand cast sterling silver
cross from these beautiful traditional designs.
Style SB4011 and SB4012 repeat design on both sides.
Sterling silver 30" chain of medium weight is included with
sterling crosses and a gold filled chain is included
with the gold plated sterling crosses.
All have IHS symbol in middle of cross.
Extra chains can be ordered under first cross.
Chains are 30" long.
Lengths given are approximate and are
the length of the cross including the loop.

  IHS Cross, 2-7/8"Ht. Cross
  30" Chain Included

 Item Cross Qty
 SB4011CH  Clergy Cross - Sterling Silver
This cross has the four Gospel
Symbols on the arms; Design is on both sides. $259.95 each

Approximate length of cross: 2-7/8"
Same as above but gold plate over sterling silver
Gold filled chain included

 Item Cross Qty
 SB4011CHGP  Clergy Cross - Gold Plate over
Sterling Silver; Design is on both sides
Price: $295.95 each

Approximate length of cross: 3"
Includes 30" chain

 Item Cross Qty
 SB4012CH  Sterling Silver Clergy Cross with chain
Design is on both sides, $259.95 each

Approximate length of cross: 3"
Includes 30" gold filled chain

 Item Cross Qty
 SB4012CHGP  Clergy Cross-Gold Plated over
Sterling Silver with 30" gold-filled chain
Design repeats on both sides, $295.95 each

Approximate length of cross: 3"Ht.
Includes 30" gold filled chain

 Item Cross Qty
 SB4010CHGP  Clergy Cross-Gold Plated Sterling Silver with engraved IHS; 30" gold filled chain, $229.95 each

Approximate length of cross: 3"
Includes 30" chain

 Item Cross Qty
 SSB4010CH-IHS  Clergy Cross-Sterling Silver with engraved IHS; Includes 30" chain, $195.95 each

clergy cross
Large Celtic Pectoral Service Cross - Pewter or Gold Plate
Beautifully Detailed Cross measures 2-3/16"w x 3-1/4"h.
Hangs on a simple 36" woven cord. Gift Boxed.

 Item Cross Qty
STC20-C388G Gold Plate Clergy Cross with Cord
One Left!   $60.00

Gold Plated Celtic Pectoral Cross
Gold Plate 3-1/2" Clergy Cross with Round Amethyst
Colored Glass Stones and Bright Cut Accents.
30" Gold Plate Belcher Chain
Size 3-1/8"W x 4"Ht. Gift boxed.

 Item Cross Qty
 STN74-B831G  Gold Plate Celtic Pectoral Cross with Chain
Note: One Left;    $110.00

clergy cross    clergy cross
Pebbled Gold Clergy Cross 3-1/2" Tall
Features a unique “pebbled” finish with a
beautiful cubic zirconia – in either amethyst (purple-shown left)
or red (shown right) in the center of the cross. The reverse
side of this cross is beautifully finished as well.
The cross comes gift boxed with a 30" lobster
claw clasped, gold plated chain.
 Item Cross Qty
STN74-C442G-A    Gold Pectoral Cross with purple amethyst, chain
One Left in Stock   $105.00
STN74-C442G-R    Gold Pectoral Cross with red stone, chain
One Left in Stock   $105.00

clergy cross   clergy cross
Pewter or Gold Plated Contemporary Service Cross
Linen finish service cross with raised, polished accents.
Cross measures 1-7/8" wide and 3" tall. Cord: 36" knotted leather.

STC66-B691P     Pewter Service Cross with cord. 1 Left in Stock!  Price  $25.00 each
STC66-B691G     Gold Plate Service Cross with cord. 4 Left in Stock.  Price  $25.00 each

Approximate length of cross: 4"
Includes 30" rhodium chain. The cross tells of beginnings: Adam and Eve(Gn)and the Wise Men (Mt 2). Offering and praise are expressed in the scenes on the arms: Abraham's Sacrifice (Gn 2) and David's song (Psalm). Daniel between lions (Dn 14) - a type of Christ - directly below the central figure of the redeeming judge amid the four living ones. (Rv 21) At the top, the hermits, Paul and Anthony, gather in the Eucharist, a sign of the church under the Pentecostal dove. On the base, the Eucharistic story of loaves and fishes (Mt 14). Solid cast and polished bronze.

 Item Cross Qty
 1664-P  Silver Plated Pectoral High Cross of Ireland with 30" Chain, $39.95 each


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