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Book of the Gospels  

New Edition approved by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops
with the Gospel Readings from the New Lectionary for Mass.
It is printed in extra-large type, sense lines,
two colors, and convenient format. 576 pages.
Size 13-1/2"H. x 9-9/16"W x 1-7/16" Depth, 

 Item # Description Price Qty
 165/00 Book of the Gospels
Red Imitation Leather, gold edges

Book of the Gospels
This book symbolizes the presence of Christ in the liturgical celebration while exemplifying our reverence for the holy Gospel. This extraordinary edition, drawn from The Lectionary for Mass with New American Bible text, adds brilliance with glorious, hand-illuminated artwork from the pages of The Saint John's Bible. The Book of the Gospels features an exquisite combination of breathtaking artwork and large, easy-to-read text. Over 30 major illuminations from The Saint John's Bible are reproduced in full color throughout this volume, accompanied by clearly printed 17-point text in the Golden Cockerel typeface. The stunning cover, in genuine or bonded leather, is a complex collage of colors of gold, purple, red, and blue designed to reflect the significance of the Word throughout the assembly. Beautifully illuminated pages, large text, decorative cover art, and its monumental size truly make this edition of The Book of the Gospels an eloquent symbol of God's Word. Present this book to your parish as a gift that will last a lifetime. Has 30 major illuminations from the pages of The Saint John's Bible in full color. Monumental 12 x 18 inch format Seven-color, foil-stamped cover, available in genuine or bonded leather Easily readable 17-point Golden Cockerel typeface Gilt-edged pages Exquisitely printed silk finish text paper Full color throughout Large grosgrain ribbon, 576 pages
NOTE: VERY LARGE BOOK - Please order carefully!
Size 13-1/2"H. x 9-9/16"W x 1-7/16" Depth
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 9780814690642 Book of Gospels, Genuine Leather Edition $349.00
 9780814690970 Book of Gospels, Bonded Leather Edition $299.00

The Book of The Gospels: The reverent act of processing The Book of the Gospels from gathering to altar and from altar to ambo is an important part of the liturgical celebration. As the most visible book to the assembly, The Book of the Gospels is meant to convey the power of the word of God to our communities. Using traditional Roman design, our Book of the Gospels emphasizes the glory of the word through the use of beautiful gold- and silver-stamped liturgical art. The cover art includes an enhanced version of the cross that introduces the Classic Edition Lectionary of which our Gospel book is a component. Each symbol on the cover has special meaning: The cross's four medallions represent the four evangelists; the symbols in the lower right and left corners represent the people of God; and those in the upper right and left corners represent the heavenly hosts. Its rich cover art and impressive size truly makes our Book of the Gospels a handsome work for emphasizing the dignity of the Word. Special features of this edition: approximate size 9-3/4"W x 13-3/4"H x 1.75"D
gold- and silver-stamped front, back, and spine elegantly bound, hardcover superior printing highly readable type rich paper two-color printing gilt-edged fits most ceremonial covers New American Bible translation

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 9780814625729 Book of Gospels, Hardcover $199.00

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 GOSRE  Book of the Gospels
Hardcover, The cover art is bold, clearly visible to those near and far. It bears the traditional images of the four evangelists in colorful foil: the angel, Matthew; the lion, Mark; the ox, Luke; the eagle, John. A two-column page design makes it easy to find the identification of the reading and the rubrics, thus preventing mistakes in proclamation. The gospel texts are printed in large 17-point type, arranged in sense lines. Page turns have been eliminated wherever possible. Feasts and many Sundays are illuminated with full-color art. There are more than 30 original pieces of art in the interior of the book. Included are all Gospel readings for Sundays, solemnities, feasts of the Lord, and all ritual Masses. The edges of the pages are gilded, and a wide ribbon marker is bound into the book. The artist, Laura James, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She paints Biblical themes in the iconographic tradition of Ethiopian Christian art. Her work, with its bright colors and intricate patterns displays a unique style, and vision. The proclaimed text is set in 17 pt. Adobe Jensen. The translation used in the Book of the Gospels is the RNAB. Size 10-5/8" x 14".  #978-1-56854-111-2

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