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High-quality white stearine candles
can be used for many different types
of candlelight services, ceremonies and vigils.
***If purchasing any of these sizes by the case, there
are 4 boxes per case = 1000 pieces
Candle drip protectors are available as shown.
Your choice of paper drip protectors, plastic handle drip protectors or clear egg cup drip protectors.

 Size CANDLE Dimensions/Price Qty
 18s 17/32" diam., 7" length
Burn time approx. 45 minutes
250 candles per box   $58.25/bx
 24s 17/32" diam., 5-1/4" length
Burn time approx. 30 minutes
250 candles per box    $48.65/bx
 32s 17/32" diam., 4-1/2" length
Burn time approx. 15 minutes
250 candles per box    $33.35/bx
 Size DRIP PROTECTORS Dimensions/Price
 81200125    3/8"-1/2" paper drip protectors
125 per box    $6.75
 93622010    3/8"-1/2" plastic handle/holder drip protectors
entire piece approx. 3-1/2" tall
handle part is approx. 2" long.
100 per box    $59.15
 93611010    1/2" clear plastic shield/cup drip protectors
100 per box    $80.45

Pictured Below:
Master Sets that contain one Celebrant's Candle, 16" long;
Six usher's candles, 8-1/4" long;
and either 125, 250 or 425 congregation
candles 5-1/2" long (votive 24's).
Each set also contains a complete supply of
paper bobeches for each size candle.

 Size CANDLE Dimensions/Price Qty
 81202501    Master set for congregation of 125, $50.30/set
 81205001    Master set for congregation of 250, $74.20/set
 81205401    Master set for congregation of 425, $108.50/set
 30924901    100 Extra candles with 100 bobeches, $26.70/set

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