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Custom Chalice Cases Made Upon Request.

Case made of wood with vinyl covering. Flock inside.
Shown Left to Right.
First two cases have non-removable divider,
#CC1 case has movable partition.
If you need a chalice case, we need the following measurements:
the height of your chalice, the diameter of the cup of your chalice,
the diameter of the base of the chalice,
the type of paten (scale, bowl, etc.) and the diameter of the paten.

 Item # Description Price Qty
 4359 Chalice Case Max Ht. 8"
Chalice width 5-1/4", Depth 8-1/4"
Paten width 8" x 2"
 3360 Chalice Case Max Ht. 8-1/4"
Overall width 6-1/2"
Depth 6-1/4"
 CC1 Chalice Case Max Ht. 10"
Overall width 6-3/4"
Depth 6-1/4"

 Item # Description - SHOWN LEFT TO RIGHT Price Qty
 8402 Chalice Case Max Ht. 11"
Chalice Width 7-1/2", Depth 5-1/2"
 8850 Chalice Case Max Ht. 9"
Chalice Width 5-3/4", Depth 5-1/2"

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