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Book of the Gospels Cover

Book of the Gospels Cover #2000

Item#: 2000
Book of the Gospels Cover 2000

All book covers for the Book of Gospels are available in your choice of finish:
Brass, Silver Plated, Gold Plated or Two-Tone (Gold & Silver-As Shown).
Same image on the front is on the back**
We need exact measurements of your Book of Gospels: A=Width, B=Depth, C=Height.
Please include measurements in the special instructions section of our shopping cart.

All book covers on this page are made in Spain and are NON-RETURNABLE, so please order carefully.
Shipping will be calculated after order is received – more than our standard $10.95 rate.

This cover is designed for a book that measures between:
13″ to 14-3/16″ Maximum Height.
8-5-/8″ to 9-1/4″ Maximum Width. Note: measured from divot in book as shown on diagram.
1-4/16″ to 1-9/16″ Maximum Spine Thickness.

Book cover is not designed to have book removed and re-inserted on a weekly basis. This will weaken the hinge.
These covers are for the standard Liturgical Press or Catholic Book versions.
Books with padded covers will not fit.

Custom clasps also available for additional fee. An example of the custom clasp is shown in picture 4 and 5.
The cover (front, back and spine) is approx 2.6 kg (5.7 pounds).

Please advise church name, address, and Federal Tax ID # in the special instructions section as we will need to send you a duty free form.

If you would like to order a new Book of the Gospels #165/00, we will measure new book and provide dimensions to Spain.

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