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A-4359G Chalice

Chalice #A-4359G, B-4359G (7.5″H., 16 oz.)

Item#: A-4359G, B-4359G
Chalice A-4359G, Ciborium B-4359G

Chalice Ht. 7-1/2″, 16 oz., 7-7/8″ Footed Paten
Modern Version of the Abbott Suger
Both Chalice and Ciborium Have Genuine Jane and Mother of Pearl Stones

Matching Ciborium – Host Capacity 300 (based on 1-3/8″ size hosts)
Ciborium Ht. 8-3/4″

Matching Ciborium Dish – Ht. 2″, Dia. 6″, Host 300 – has
genuine jade and mother of pearl stones.

Silver Plate and Sterling Silver Available * Engraving Available
Heights and Diameters May Have Slight Variations

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