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Chasuble #3291 (Overlay Stole, Cope, Deacon Stole)

Item#: 3291
Slabbinck Chasuble #3291

In Damiano fabric, with color graduation, from dark on the sides to light in the middle; woven in color and gold threads.
White Chasuble with roll collar “3” has Bread, cross and Ichtus motif; exquisite embroidery in gold and colored threads.
Width 63″ (160 cm), length 53″ (135 cm); with inside stole.

Also available is matching overlay stole, cope or deacon stole.
Inquire for other pieces by email.
Your choice of white as shown, red or green.
Please advise church name, address and 9-digit Federal Tax ID number in the special instructions section of our shopping cart.
Ship time is approx. 4 weeks.

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