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Host Dispenser

Host Dispenser #20CHD70-G

Item#: 20CHD70-G
Host Dispenser

Gold tone dispenser is $99.00 each and is supplied with one host cylinder.
Limited time offer is $189.00 for set of 2 dispensers with the 2 cylinders.
Note: For use with 1-1/8″ hosts only; each cylinder holds approximately 100 hosts.
Replacement cylinders are packed 2 per set for $27.95 per set.
Manufacturer suggests having extra replacement cylinders so they can be pre-filled and ready to go during the service. Note: hosts sold separately. Packed 20,000 per case if you would like the case lot.

Size of gold tone dispenser base is 5-1/2″ long x approximately 2-1/4″ wide at thickest part of base.
Dispenser is 5-1/4″ tall without the host cylinder – with host cylinder it is approx. 7-1/2″ tall.
Weighs approx. 5 ounces. Note: be sure the hosts are loaded flat – if one is tilted you can shake the dispenser slightly and it will fall back into place.
***Top of cylinder is closed – only opening is at the bottom of dispenser.

NOTE: This item is non-returnable.

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