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These pulpit robes are comfortable, yet they are a distinctive traditional robe.
Concealed front opening zipper. Two pocket slits. Open sleeves. Your choice of 2 fabrics.
Easy to wear, carefully tailored with your comfort and appearance in mind.
Easy to care for - the deep black fabrics are colorfast and completely machine washable.
Easy to afford - compare these to the cost of the robe you are now wearing!
Available in #J-2 Broadcloth: A featherweight, washable, year-round blend
of 65% polyester, 35% combed cotton. Very Comfortable, Black.

Also available in #J-5 Polyester: A medium weight washable polyester robe.
The deep black fabric holds its crisp dignified shape wonderfully!

Sizes: Mens chest/suit sizes - Average (to 44"), Husky (46"+)
Men's Lengths (back of robe from top at neck to hem) - Short (to 5'7") 48", Regular (to 6') 52", Tall (over 6') 56"

Sizes: Womens Average (36" bust) Length (back of robe from top at neck to hem) - Small (to 5'4") 44", Medium (over 5'4") 48"

pulpit robes         pulpit robes 

 Item  Description / Price Qty
J-2 Broadcloth-Men
J-2 Broadcloth-Women
J-5 Polyester-Men
J-5 Polyester-Women
HP8 - Pulpit Cover

Always remember to inquire if you have a special request!

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