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altar candles

Altar Candles- Cathedral 51% Beeswax

Item#: 100-
Altar Candles

Cathedral Brand  – Longer Burning, Guaranteed and Stamped 51% Beeswax
These candles feature a dimensional design and are expertly crafted for table altars.
Insistence on the finest Beeswax is long-standing because the wax is symbolic of the purity of Christ Himself.

The burn time for a 7/8 x 12 short 4 51% is approximately 19.2 hours per piece.
Burn rate times may vary, greatly affected by ambient conditions in the church and the type of candle follower used.

All candles are also available in 100% Beeswax Purity Brand.
***Note: we also sell Dadant, Emkay and Will & Baumer if you prefer these altar candles – please email us.

Size 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", 11/16", 25/32", 1-1/16"
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Size 1-1/4" X
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Size 1-1/2" x
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Size 1-3/4" x
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Size 1-15/16" x
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Size 2" x
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Size 2-1/16" x
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Size 2-1/4", 2-1/2
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Size 3" x
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