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Church Bells #H-25

Item#: H-25
Price: 275.00
Church Bell

Very nice traditional quad Sanctus Bell used for church services.
This piece contains four different size and tone bells for a full ring tone.
Bells are made of polished brass and lacquered.
The size of the bell is 5-1/2″ height from floor to handle; 9″ wide from bell to bell and each bell is approximately 2-3/4″ in diameter.
The weight is appoximately 3.2 pounds.

The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (2000, #150) stipulates that a bell may be rung regularly at two places during the Mass: First, “a little before the consecration, the minister may ring a bell as a signal to the people.” Here the bell is normally rung at the time of the epiclesis in the Eucharistic Prayer. At this point, the priest joins his hands and places them over the bread and wine to be consecrated. He prays for the Holy Spirit to come down upon the gifts so that they may become the Body and Blood of our Lord. The ringing of the bell alerts the congregation to the calling down of the Holy Spirit and prepares them for the consecration that immediately follows.

Second, “according to local custom, a minister also rings the bell at the showing of both the Eucharistic Bread and the chalice.” After the priest says the words of consecration, he elevates the Sacred Host or the chalice of Precious Blood. The ringing of the bell again alerts the faithful that transubstantiation has taken place and that the Body and Blood of our Lord is truly present on the altar.

Since we are a people of senses, sounds are important in our worship, whether in the quiet of the moment, the singing of a congregation, or the sound of the organ. The sound of bells does add to the reverence and the solemnity of the Mass. Most importantly, they highlight in a sensible way the sacred action taking place on the altar. Therefore, we have a tradition that is not only practical but also beautiful.