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15P Candle

Devotional Candles – Plastic 15P, 12P, 9P

Item#: 9P, 12P, 15P
Devotional Plastic Candles

Unbreakable plastic container in clear, ruby and blue. Do not need to be burned inside a glass globe.

NOTE: Devotional Candles are designed to be lit and left burning until they burn out in 5 or 6 days.
They are NOT supposed to be lit, extinguished and re-lit as this could cause a fire hazard.

**We will email you the additional freight costs due prior to shipping.

3-day – 9P: 48 per case, size 4″ Height, 2-1/2″ bottom diameter

5-day – 12P: 24 per case, size 5-3/4′ Height, 2-1/2″ bottom diameter

6-day – 15P: 24 per case, size 8″ Height, 2-1/2″ bottom diameter


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