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Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Picture #MC-990, MC-399, MC-035, 22″ x 18″, 34″ x 24″, 45″ x 34″

Item#: MC-990, MC-399, MC-035
Divine Mercy Picture

The Museum Collection – Custom Framed Canvases.
Has hand applied brush strokes creating the look of an oil painting!
Each frame comes with a museum tag, Jesus, I trust in You.
Museum tags available in English, Polish or Spanish.
English wording will be sent unless otherwise specified in the special instructions section of our shopping cart.
#MC-990 has 45″ x 34″ frame size; 39″ x 28″ canvas size.
#MC-339 has 34″ x 24″ frame size; 28″ x 18″ canvas size.
#MC-035 has 22″ x 18″ frame size; 16″ x 12″ canvas size.
Ship time approx. 3-4 weeks.

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