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Funeral Pall

Funeral Pall – Gold Festive #FP64164AGF

Item#: FP64164AGF
Funeral Pall

Very popular gold festive banding with gold crosses on cream 100% Polyester Easy Care Fabric.
This funeral pall is unlined with rounded corners and is finished with a bias tape hem.
Can choose from funeral pall as shown or with banding down the center only.
Three sizes to select from: 6-Foot Wide x 10-Foot Long; 7-Foot Wide x 11-Foot Long or
8-Foot Wide x 12-Foot Long. (Note: most popular size is 8′ x 12′).
Memorial labels also available and will be attached to the funeral pall for additional fee.
Please specify wording in the special instructions section of our shopping cart.

Funeral Pall With Banding Down Center Lengthwise Only (As Shown)
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Funeral Pall With Banding Down Center and Across
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