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Handbook for Todays Catechist

Handbook for Today’s Catechist

Item#: 978-0-7648-1846-2
Price: 6.99
Handbook for Today’s Cathechist

Today’s Catechist examines basic principles for catechists and how parents are the first and most influential teachers of their children. This handbook helps provide answers and support for volunteer catechists, religion teachers, and parents when teaching their children about Catholicism.
This wonderful resource explores many aspects of the role of catechist in a classroom setting, at home, and in the parish community. In an easy to understand format, this handbook provides an overview of the Bible, the life and teaching of Jesus (Christology), the mission of the Church in continuing Jesus’ ministry, liturgy, and sacrament, and how to be a moral example to those we teach. An up-to-date guide for the catechist, this book looks at the challenge of catechizing children in the age of computers and electronics and how to identify good or misleading information on the Internet.
Handbook for Today’s Catechist offers guidance on speaking and living the faith and the necessity of sacramental spirituality, as well as suggestions to avoid burnout and some basic “dos & don’ts” associated with teaching the faith. This book is a must-have for everyone who has answered God’s call to be a catechist.
The material in this book is compliant with The Roman Missal, third edition, with the exception of page 56. To bring this book into compliance, we have revised and updated page 56.
Size is 5.125″ x 7.375″, 96 Pages, Published August 2009