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Holy Water Liner

Holy Water Pot Liner #RU180-P, RU181-P, RU182-G, 2333, 2333W

Item#: RU180-P, RU181-P, RU182-G
Holy Water Pot Liners

Fits most Excelsis and Regal Holy Water Buckets with removable metal bowls.
Your choice of Clear, White or Gold plastic. Size is 6″ diameter by 5″ deep.
#RU180-P Clear plastic liner; #RU181-P White plastic liner; #RU182G Gold plastic liner.

#2333 – Excelsis Clear liners for the following holy water pots: 216-29, 408-29, 389-29, 444-29, 466-29, 390-29, 245-29, 232-29, 362-29, 242-29, 240-29, and 537-29.
#2333W – Excelsis White liner used for #1100-29 Holy Water Pot.

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