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hymn board

Hymn Board – Floor #TO5033SL1, TO5033SD1, TO5033SL2, TO5033SD2

Item#: TO5033SL1, TO5033SD1, TO5033SL2, TO5033SD2
Hymn Boards

Hymn Boards have solid floor stand with 18″ square base and 98″ height.
All boards are made of high-quality oak veneer plywood that will not warp or crack.
These boards have solid oak slotted divider strips and a raised oak cross.
Finished in light or dark stain to bring out the beauty of the wood.
The boards are 20″ wide by 30″ high. Your choice of either of these sets for the numerals:
Set #1 consists of one set of 60 numerals (6 each, 0 to 9) and 7 slides: DOX., PS., HYMNS, PSALM, SEL., PRO. and REC.
Set #CD consists of one set of 60 numerals (6 each, 0 to 9) and 2 slides that both say HYMNS.
Height of card is trimmed to 3-5/8″ and the lettering height is 2-3/4’H.
Note: Numbers and slides are cardboard. They are not magnetic.
Additional freight charges will apply.

NOTE: Pictures 3 and 4 show the light and dark stain.
Please remember, oak wood sometimes varies in finish, but this is very close.
The light finish is more of a natural wood finish.

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