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H100R Mass Linens

Mass Linens #H100, H100R, HL200, HLC200, H135

Item#: H100R, H100, HL200, HLC200, H135
Mass Linens

All mass linens are packed 3 per pack
Available in 3 Fabrics:
#H100, #H100R or #H135 – 100% Pure Cotton – ultra absorbent, made from a thicker, linen-weave cotton and richly embroidered with a Red or White Greek cross or a White wheat and grapes design

#HLC200 – 65% Linen/35% Cotton – fine, linen-rich fabric with a beautifully-embroidered Greek cross with vines in Red

#HL200 – 100% Pure Cambric Linen – ultimate quality, traditional fabric, finely woven and delicately embroidered with a Greek cross and vines in Red

Hem Stitched – Generously Cut – Richly Embroidered Exclusive Mass Linens
Purificators 20″ x 11″
Corporals 20″ x 20″
Lavabo Towels 20″ x 16″
Chalice Palls 7″ x 7″
Amice 20″ x 40″

Select 100% Cotton - Red or White Greek Cross
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Select 100% Cotton - Wheat/Grapes, White Only
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Select 65% Linen/35% Cotton - Cross/Vines, Red Only
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Select 100% Linen, Cross/Vines, Red Only
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