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Oil Advent Candles with Ring #430, 59044, 59048, 1162

Item#: 430, 59044, 59048, 1162
Emitte Advent Oil Candles #430

Oil Advent Disposable (THROW-AWAY) Candles with Wreath.
Completely disposable & recyclable candles.
Candle shells are filled with oil, dispose of when finished. You cannot re-fill these with oil.
Easy to use: no messy liquid refills, one set usually burns for 15 hours.
Usually lasts for 2 Advent Seasons.
If you need refills of the candles only – order #1162. These arrive without ring.

1-1/8″ x 12″Ht. Advent Candles, 3 Purple and 1 Pink, Comes with Metal Advent Wreath.
Note: Bottom pegs down to 7/8″ at bottom.

Brass Burners (#59044) and Glass Shield to sit on top of brass burner (#59048) sold separately.

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