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Long Double Palm Strips, 24″ to 36″, Priced per 100
Palm Sunday is April 5, 2020
Deadline for ordering is 2/15/20 BY 3:00 PM Eastern time with the following rates:
Palm orders over $40.00 are $14.95 when shipped to a COMMERCIAL ADDRESS (We cannot ship to residential)

IF under $40.00, price for shipping is $25.00 in continental U.S. if ordered before 2/15/20, 3:00PM Eastern time

NOTE: Orders after February 15th will be charges a minimum approximate shipping charge of $25.00 for
regular ground UPS shipping – depending on quantity ordered – shipping will increase***
(We will email you first if more than $25.00)
Orders will ship regular ground UPS (to arrive 5-7 business days prior to Palm Sunday)
If special air is required, please email us for quote.


FIRST STEP:  Pull all bagged palms out of the box. It is best to store all palms upright. Avoid stacking bags flat on top of each other if possible.
DO NOT TEAR BAGS OPEN YET – Wait until you are ready to use or arrange them. If bags are opened prematurely it is best to reseal then with tape or clips until required.
KEEP COOL – 40-50 degrees preferable – Do Not Freeze – If no refrigerated space is available, keep in Well-Lit Air-Conditioning space to prevent molding – Do Not Put Near Heat Sources!
CHECK YOUR ORDER – Please keep in mind your entire order may not arrive on the same day. Please call early regarding any concerns so they can be addressed in a timely fashion.

ALTAR DECORATIONS: Brown tips are a natural feature of almost all healthy palm leaves. Brown tips do not indicate your palm is dried or drying out.
PRIOR TO ARRANGING: Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle 1/8 of an inch above bottom end of stem. Place in Ice Water for 1-3 hours.
This will add luster to any dry appearing altar decorations. Leaves that come in tightly folded or “closed” will open up when placed in ice water.
Lastly, keep water in arrangement vessel. This will keep palms lively up to and through your service.

Altar Decorations are just like fresh flowers – keep refrigerated until ready to arrange.
DO NOT OPEN THE PLASTIC BAGS UNTIL READY TO USE. Three (3) hours prior to arranging the decorations, cut the stems of the Altar Décor at a 45 degree diagonal just above the bottom end of the stem and place in ICE WATER to make the leaves open and achieve their maximum beauty. To help the Altar Décor leaves stay beautiful after arranging, keep the stems in water to maintain their green and fresh appearance.
Short & Long Palm Strips: To keep the palm strips fresh, do NOT open the plastic bags until you are ready to hand the palms out to the congregation. Keep sealed bags of palms in a cool area.  A florist, restaurant or convenience store may have a large refrigerated space you can store the palms in until Palm Sunday.
Keep Cool – 45-50 Degrees – Do Not Freeze
Check the contents of the box to make sure the order is correct. People who are not refrigerating their palms should open each box and take three or four UNOPENED plastic bags of palms out of the box. When the palms are enclosed in plastic and packed in a box, heat may begin to build up in the box between the plastic bags. Any perishable plant material will begin to break-down if there is heat present. By taking several bags out of each box, you allow the air to circulate more freely around the plastic bags left in the box which keeps the palms cooler and fresher.
Brownish tips on the leaves are a natural characteristic since drying begins even before the leaf matures.

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