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Item#: REF
Price: TBD

McKay Church Goods offers refinishing for all metalware.
We are able to restore your candlesticks, censers, chalices, ciboria, common cups, holy water fonts, monstrances, offering boxes or tabernacles. We can also repair and/or replace damaged parts. Chalices, patens and common cups get totally polished and totally re-plated with 24kt gold.
Our customers rave about our refinishing jobs as all items are returned looking brand new!

The first step is to email us pictures of what needs replating
and also give us the dimensions of the item. We will obtain a ballpark quote for you
and then will be happy to speak to you about handling the drop off or shipping arrangements.
We work diligently to preserve your items and obtain your complete satisfaction.
Please email us below or call 1-800-749-2340.

What types of damage can be repaired?
While each situation is unique, our trained craftsmen can handle a variety of situations including:
Vandalism, Water damage, Fire damage, Dents, Missing pieces, Rust, Tarnish, Scratches, Discoloration, Lock damage, and Missing keys
What types of metals can we refinish or repair? We can repair or refinish a wide variety of metals including:
Bronze Brass Copper Aluminum Steel Chrome Nickel Other metals upon request
What types of woods can we refinish or repair? Oak Walnut Mahogany Cherry wood Pine Ash Other woods upon request
What types of items can be repaired or refinished?
The craftsmen can repair or refinish a wide variety of items including: Candlesticks, Crosses, Crucifixes, Tabernacles, Incense censers and boats,
Holy water pots and sprinklers, Candelabras, Bells, Holy water fonts, Missal stands / book rests, Votive stands, Sanctuary lamps,
Flower vases and flower stands, Advent wreaths, Chandeliers, Lecterns, Kneelers / prie dieus, Offering boxes / Ambries, Offering plates, Baptismal fonts, Stations of the Cross, Symbols, Light fixtures, Hand Rails, Gates…