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Handbook for Today's Catholic Teen Activity Notebook

Handbook for Today’s Catholic Teen Activity Notebook

Item#: 978-0-7648-1378-8
Price: 4.99
Handbook for Today’s Catholic Teen Activity Notebook

This activity notebook is a companion to Handbook for Today’s Catholic Teen. It has pertinent, useful questions to help readers connect subject matter with their personal experience, draw conclusions, and formulate further questions. It also offers suggested activities to help readers apply the content of the Handbook in practical ways. A general section allows participants to record specific events such as sacramental celebrations, retreats, inspiring talks, service projects, and general religious experiences.
This Activity Notebook will provide opportunities for readers to carry out something physically and mentally after reading a section of the Handbook for Today’s Catholic Teen. The notebook provides teachers and group leaders with instruments for discussion and sharing of experiences, ideas, and questions, especially when structured classroom time is lacking.
Size is 8.5″ x 11″, 48 Pages, Published June 2006