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Handbook for Today's Parish Leaders

Handbook for Today’s Parish Leaders

Item#: 978-0-7648-2001-4
Price: 6.99
Handbook for Today’s Parish Leaders

Author is Ginger Infantino. Parish leaders are the presence of Christ. In today’s Church, an increasing number of laypeople participate in parish ministry. In Handbook for Today’s Parish Leaders, leading catechist Ginger Infantino gives current and future parish leaders the tools to help their parishes carry out the mission of Christ. Divided into two sections, this Handbook provides a firm foundation and lots of practical tips for: Responding to the call to serve, Developing leadership and collaboration skills, Empowering others to lead
This new entry offered by McKay Church Goods will help people at all stages of parish leadership: established, new, or still deciding whether to answer the call, grow in their own spirituality while nourishing and strengthening their parish.
Size is 5.125″ x 7.375″, 96 Pages, Published November 2011