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Spanish Workbook

Manual para proclamadores de la palabra 2022 #MP22

Item#: MP22
Spanish Workbooks 2022

Manual para proclamadores de la palabra provides the ongoing instruction and advice that proclaimers need. It functions like a personal coach for each minister of the Word. Not only does it assist readers in preparing their assigned reading on a specific occasion, but when ministers of the Word read this resource every week as a way of reflecting on the readings, it strengthens their proclamation skills and deepens their spiritual lives so that they can touch the hearts of the assembly with their reading. Lector trainers can’t be there during the week to help ministers of the Word practice for Sunday, but Manual para proclamadores de la palabra can be. It contains:

the readings in large print for easy practice; words in bold are suggestions for emphasis
commentaries that give background and explain the meaning of the reading, as well as advice on how to proclaim it
margin notes with pronunciation guides and more tips for proclamation
an instructive, inspiring introduction about the ministry and the role of the readings in the Mass.
If proclaiming the Word is your vocation, this is the tool you need to grow in your ministry. If training proclaimers is your responsibility, this is the tool you want to put in the hands of every minister of the Word to help them proclaim effectively.

978-1-61671-617-2 | Paperback | 8 3/8 x 10 7/8 | 304 pages | Language: Spanish

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