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Oil Lighter

Oil Candle Lighter #LMCLB

Item#: LMCLB
Price: 62.20
Refillable Snuffer Lighter

Convenient brass refillable candle lighter. Lighter attaches to end of your existing candle lighter/snuffer.
Knob on side allows you to tighten to your candle lighter – should fit any brass model candle lighter.
To operate, unscrew the top where the wick is and add the oil. After making sure the wick is soaked,
light it with a match. It does not come with any extra wicks or oil in it. Refill with Lux Altar Pure Paraffin
Extra wicks can be purchased separately. Takes approx. one tablespoon of oil, lasts for approx. 1 hour.
When it doesn’t light, it’s time to refill.