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50-04 Short Catechism of Mary

Short Catechism of Mary #50/04, ISBN: 9780899420509

Item#: 50/04
Price: 4.50
Short Catechism of Mary

The Short Catechism of Mary presents the Church’s teachings about Mary in clear and concise form.
Written by Cardinal Charles Journet, a well-respected Swiss theologian who was influential at Vatican II,
this handy, pocket-sized book will enable the reader to learn at a glance the essential Catholic teachings
about Mary and what she means to the life of all Christians. Includes an appendix on Mary in the liturgy and a
selection of the most popular prayers to Mary. This beautifully illustrated paperback is printed in two colors.
This short catechism has 224 pages, size is 4 x 6-1/4, Paperback