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St. Dymphna Statue

Statue – St. Dymphna (Custom Statues)

Item#: SD
Price: 8,350.00
St. Dymphna Statue

Beautiful life-like custom statue we provided to the National Shrine of St. Dymphna!
Last picture shows the second statue we did for another church – painted slightly different
You can determine what colors the statue is painted

Statues are made from a bonded resin and marble dust composite polymer
This resin has marble dust blended in to increase the strength and durability
If used outdoors:
The automotive-grade exterior paints are the same type of paints that cars are painted with
On top of the paint, we put a clear coat of polyurethane – wears just like your car
If outdoors, the colors will fade very gradually over the decades
Statue must be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water, and we recommend applying
a clear automotive spray wax (that doesn’t need to be buffed) at least twice per year
Allow approx. 3-4 months for delivery