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Wicks for Oil Candles #W00007

Item#: W00007
Price: 17.00
Wicks for Oil Candles

Wicks measure approx. 1/8″ thick x 9″ long. 7 per package.

Tips on oil candles/wicks:
When you first use your new refillable nylon candles or refillable cartridges, fill with our Altar Pure Paraffin to
approximately 1/2 inch from the top. Replace the brass burner and allow the Lux Wick to saturate for about ten minutes before its initial lighting. Over time, varying with usage, the exposed wick will develop a layer of crystallized carbon. This can be removed with a soft cloth by squeezing gently. Do not trim the wick, as is the norm with wax candles. Do not allow your refillable candle or cartridge to entirely run out of paraffin. (This will result in wick damage). When properly maintained, the wick will perform effectively for several months.