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Alb #4262, 4222, 4285, 4216, 4272, 4215A or 4215B

Item#: 4262, 4222, 4285, 4216, 4272, 4215A, 4215B

#4262 – 100% Polyester with embroidered eyelet.
#4222 – 2 fabrics available: #4222 monks cloth or #4285 silky smooth poplin (shown #4222 but different fabric).
#4216 – Silky smooth poplin with 5″ lace bands, Latin Cross with IHS.
#4272 – Silky smooth poplin with two 1″ lace bands.
#4215A – Kodel/Cotton with IHS Lace.
#4215B – Kodel/Cotton with Alpha/Omega Lace (this lace is not shown).

Fabric Help:
The #4222 monks cloth is the same material used on the #222 alb – all vestments – stoles – 557 altar server alb. It is 100% polyester and has little lines imprinted on it.

The #4285 is the same material used on the #4885#4772 albs – and #4771 surplice. It is a 100% poplin polyester and has a smooth finish to it.

They are both pretty much wrinkle free – the poplin poly is more wrinkle free and the pleats fall back into place easily. Both fabrics are equal in popularity.
Made in USA.

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