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Nativity Set

Outdoor Nativity Set #F9999RLC Fiberglass 50″ Scale

Item#: F9999RLC
Outdoor Nativity Set

15-Piece 50″ Scale Color Nativity Set in Fiberglass for Indoors.
Sold as a set or also as individual pieces.
The average weight of each piece is approximately 50-60 lbs. each.
Baby Jesus is approximately 15 lbs.
NOTE: Additional freight charges will be added.

Also available in antique stone finish and other one-color finishes for outdoors – see here

#F9999RLC – Full Nativity Set.
#F9631RLC – Joseph 12″W x 18″D x 30″H.
#F9630RLC – Mary 11″W x 18″D x 30″H.
#F9632RLC – Baby Jesus 5″W x 8″D x 16″H.
– Fiberglass Cradle 12″W x 21″D x 9″H.
#F9633RLC – Cow 13″W x 30″D x 19″H.
#F9634RLC – Donkey 27″W x 9″D x 19″H.
#F9635RLC – Sheep-Left 6″W x 14″D x 9″H.
#F9636RLC – Sheep-Right 6″W x 14″D x 8″H.
#F9637RLC – Shepherd w/Dog 12″W x 12″D x 41″H.
#F9638RLC – Shepherd w/Sheep 12″W x 12″D x 41″H.
#F9639RLC – Kneeling Shepherd 13″W x 17″D x 30″H.
#F9641RLC – King w/Myrrh 16″W x 13″D x 39″H.
#F9642RLC – King w/Gold Offering 12″W x 15″D x 28″H.
#F9643RLC – King w/Frankincense 11″W x 10″D x 41″H.
#F9645RLC – Camel 15″W x 35″D x 50″H.

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