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Nativity Set

Outdoor Nativity Set #SA3600C Hard Plastic 36″ Scale

Item#: SA3600C
Outdoor Nativity Set

A full one-half scale scene, cast in poly-resin (hard-plastic).
These figures are available individually or as sets.

Available in Color, White or Granite Finish

The set is unbreakable, lightweight and perfect for churches, homes, businesses, city displays, shopping centers or parks!
There are plugs at bottom of figures – to weigh down, use pea size gravel rock – not sand.
Item ID
A – Hanging Angel, 26″H x 7″D x 26″W
B – Three Kings (Set of 3)
C – Balthazar, 36″H x 10″D x 11″W
D – Gasper (Kneeling King), 23″H x 15-1/2″D x 11″W
E – Melchior (King with Box), 34″H x 10″D x 11″W
F – Camel, 21″H x 29″D x 16″w
G – 36″ Shepherdess, Standing, 32-1/2″H x 10″D x 11″W
H – Shepherd, 23″H x 16″D x 13″W
I – Sheep (Set of 3), 9″H x 14″D x 6″W, 11″H x 14″D x 6″W, 13″H x 14″D x 6″W
J – Ox, 15″H x 30″D x 11″W
K – Donkey, 14″H x 23″D x 10″W
L – 36″ Standing Angel (Not Included in Full Set)
M – Nativity Scene Full Set Except Standing Angel
N – Holy Family Starter Set

Color Finish
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White Finish
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Granite Finish
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